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Joint League (U17 / U20 / Senior) Match 4
Sunday 18 July 2021 11:00
Location: Grangemouth Stadium
Event Description

Due to COVID it has been agreed that the following 3 leagues will be combined for 2021 and will be held as a Joint League;

Junior League
Scottish Women's League
Mens League

There will be events for U17 / U20 / Seniors

Events will be restricted at each match and dates of the meetings are as follows;

30th May – Grangemouth (Endurance ((1500 & 800 only)) and throws only)
13th June – Grangemouth (Sprints, hurdles, jumps)
27th June – Aberdeen
18th July – Grangemouth
22nd Aug – Grangemouth

Please complete our Availability Form if you wish to compete in Match 4.

Law & District AAC normally compete in the Junior League and Women's League as part of a composite team and it will therefore be up to the Team Managers of Team West (Women's League) and Team South Lanarkshire (Junior League) to select athletes from all 5 clubs who are part of the composite teams, based on previous Power of 10 performances etc. Law & District AAC compete in the Men's League on our own and Team Managers Pat Kelly & Karen Gillon will select athletes for this part of the Joint League.

Each Team Manager is only permitted to select 2 athletes per race or throws/jumps event, however athletes names can be put forward to 'guest' on the day.

Age Groups for 2021 track & field season are as follows:

Under 17: Born between 1 Sept 2004 - 31 Aug 2006
Under 20: Born between 1 Jan 2002 - 31 Aug 2004
Seniors born on or before 31 Dec 2001

If you are available to take part in this league, please contact Team Manager Alison Gilchrist on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note, your membership with Scottish Athletics must be valid for all these meetings.

As a club we need to provide 2 volunteers at each meeting for admin/declarations/assembly/athlete chaperone/COVID 19 officer/Warm up manager/hurdle movement/cleaning etc. Please therefore indicate below the name of anyone who can assist at any of the league meetings.

Law & District team managers will contact you at least one week before the meeting and will be provided with details of the event you are selected for.

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