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NEW - U15 Development Squad @ Wishaw

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Law & District AAC are delighted to announce a new training group at Wishaw!

Our coaches have become aware that the move from the U13 Group to the Specialist Groups (Endurance, Sprints and Throws) is not appropriate for every athlete. Some have just joined the club and do not yet know in what area they might excel, others develop later and again their particular talent might not yet be known. Both these groups of athletes would benefit with a longer period trying all aspects of athletics however we currently do not have the ability as a club to let them to that. We have therefore decided to establish a new squad for this particular group of athletes.

Our new 'Development Squad' will consist of U15 athletes, until the choose a discipline in which they wish to specialise. Training within this squad will enable athletes to prepare for events such as the CSSAL (Central & South Scotland Athletic League) as well as providing wide ranging training opportunities.

The new group will start on 22nd of May. Athletes and their coaches will be approached over the next couple of weeks to discuss moving to the Development Squad, if appropriate. The new group will be run by James Scullion and Andrew Fountain.

Bring it on!