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Club Officials Urgently Needed!


Law & District AAC are in great need of graded officials, in both track and field, to represent us whilst we are competing in all our league meetings

(Youth Development League, CSSAL, Mens League, Womens League, Indoor league, Superteams ....) as well as events which we host ourselves (club championships, Wishaw Open Graded Meeting).

We have over 300 members but sadly only have 6 graded officials. We are required to provide officials every time we take part in a competition and in the case of league meetings, we can be penalised point wise if we do not have enough officials.

We therefore intend to hold our own Officials Course locally, around September 2019, and would be really grateful if you would consider taking part in this course. Once the officials course has been completed you only need to officiate at 4 events to get your assistant official or level 1 official qualification. Thereafter, it is up to you how many events to you officiate at. When I first started officiating I only officiated at events where my children were competing as that's what suited me, you decide which events you are available for.

As well as parents/guardians/volunteers, we would really like our athletes of age 16+ to consider attending the Officials course as this would look good on their CV, it shows a commitment to the club and officiating helps their understanding of the rules and how they are implemented. By having this qualification would also allow the club to consider putting athletes through their coaching course qualification too.

More information on officiating can be found on Scottish Athletics website, link below;

If you are interested in attending the Officials Course or would like to discuss further, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP and we will then get a date organised as soon as numbers of participants are know.