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Law & District AAC present 'The Tokyo Trail'

Tokyo 2

Law & District AAC are delighted to present 'The Tokyo Trail', a 5772 mile in 30 days virtual event to get from our club base in Carluke, Scotland, all the way to the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. Running and walking, club athletes, friends and family will be giving it their all to get to Tokyo.

The event will take place from 1st April to 30th April and participants pledge, on registration, the number of miles they wish to walk or run during this period.  So far we are thrilled to have 105 participants and look forward to seeing many more!

Click on the following link to register

Along the way we would like to raise funds for Chris's House as this amazing charity is a lifesaver for so many struggling with mental health, becoming ever more important in the last year. They provide a safe place for people approaching a suicidal crisis to get support. With every pound raised, this amazing charity can continue to do so much good for our community.

Click on the following link to donate Chris's House

Here are some FAQs

The Registration Link says I’m already Joined?

If you’re using a shared computer in your house, once you’re signed in and registered, sign out of the website before the next participant tries to register. On the top right of the website, click on MyAccount and take the Log Out option it gives you. If you use the registration link after you do this, it will give the next person the option to Join.

I’m registering for Me and My Child

It’s fantastic that you’re both getting involved! The Event website does need a registered user with a unique email address. However, if you’re child does not have one or you don’t want them to have their own access, then just sign yourself up, let us know how much you’re each going to do a week, and then when the event goes live, manually log each activity you each do on the event page. So, if you both go for a 1 mile run, then log 2 activities, each for 1 mile on the event page.

Is there a cost?

It’s free, there is a fee for using the registration platform but the club is covering the cost for members as well as friends and family. We would ask you to consider donating to Chris’s House our chosen charity if able to do so.

Do I need to run or walk every day?

No, if unsure on how much you should be doing over a week then please check with your coach. We would ask when you sign up that you advise on how many miles you can commit to over a week.

Can I run indoors ?

Yes you can use a treadmill if one is available, just upload your mileage. Running indoors/ Outdoors and walking all count towards the challenge total.

Can I cycle/ Rowing Machine ?

No for this challenge only running or walking activities are included towards the challenge total.

What if I run more/ less than I commit to?

Every activity you upload counts towards our total so if you end up running more then great! The target is just to give us an idea of how close we are to making the target for the month. Don’t feel up to a run then don’t forget you have option to go for a walk, both walking and running count towards our total.

Can I include my overall daily steps?

No only running and walking activities can be uploaded.


Should you have any enquiries regarding the above please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.